Jan 29th

Audio recording features on the all night diner

we don't mess around when it comes with technology.




We tried the pro-tools & Mbox Pro 2 setup for a while. As it seemed hi-tech and cool, it was glitching out and having problems all the time. As a busy artist, I don't have time for failures in my equipment. I started recording audio in the last few videos of my show directly into the Panasonic HVX-200A. It has 2 XLR inputs as well as phantom power that can be turned on and off for both channels. Not to mention the camera still records 2 additional channels with the onboard mics while you are recording the other channels with XLR. This is BAD ASS. No longer do I have to power up in sequence, and wait many minutes for my recording setup. The HVX starts up in 7 seconds, and takes me another minute to set white balance, exposure, and set audio gain.

February 6th. 2016