Jan 29th

The zoom mic kills it, baby!

we don't mess around when it comes with technology.





So far we have had two different friends stay and live on the bus who also owned this awesome lil' unit. If you've been living in a van down by the river with no wifi, then let me introduce you to the 6 plus channel digital audio recording device that has long battery life and trouble proof reliability. It's called the Zoom H6. There's a few different mics you can fit on the top of the interface. Stock it comes with 4 XLR inputs. You can buy an attachment that connects 2 more through the top interface. This is great for many uses, but especially recording on location or in the busy streets of a city. One day I will personally own one of these. For now though I'm happy to give it a two thumbs up, and have experience to use this on the field when renting equipment.

February 7th. 2016