feb 5th

Lift the chains

put siri down for a second and get back in focus.



When I go on my late night missions, I'm doing a few things all at the same time. Walking my dog, searching for free stuff, and ground scores. I also look for other various things for projects in the studio. Almost everything you see inside the bus was found on the side of the road, or in the craigslist free section.



The piano, organ, futon, couches, all of the wood work was done with pallet materials that I took apart and reconstructed into what you see in the photos.

So how can this apply to you?

Slow down on your spending when it comes to items you don't actually need. Because you can get more excersize and create more action in your life by finding it on a walk. Or even better, ride a bike or a skateboard for even better results. This is because you can cover more terrain in your adventures and treasure hunts. Sometimes it takes walking 5 or 10 miles, but I swear, you'll find what you need. I can't go into the tight details about all my tricks of the trade, but i'll give you a hint into my mindset. When I walk down the sidewalk im walking close to and looking in the gutter where it meets the asphalt. This is due to higher chance of someone dropping money or something out of their pocket as they were getting out of the passenger side door. The longer you walk, the more you find. Warning: Don't forget to bring water for you and your loved ones who may be with you.