feb 8th

Panasonics HVx200a

The apocolyptic camera that gets the job done




I got this camera around 4 years ago. I call it the apocolyptic camera because it can take a beating, it takes tape or P2 cards, and you could transfer files straight to external hard drives without the use of a computer or interface. My motorcyle fell over in the bus and smashed the 3" screen, but the camera still works fine otherwise. One of the best features, is the 2 XLR inputs with switches for the phantom power. Even while recording with both these XLR's, the camera still records with the onboard mics. Thats a total of 4 channels. Cameras of this size of their time and purpose. They can either hinder or influence a great performance, depending on your talent.

Februrary. 8th. 2016